Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Google Cloud’s capabilities through our FAQ section

Does Google offer other unstructured storage options?

Yes, Google offers several storage options for unstructured data, such as Google Drive. For an overview of Google storage options, including a video explaining the differences between the options, see Storing Your Data.

Where can I find pricing and billing information?

Read the Pricing page for detailed information on pricing, including how Cloud Storage calculates bandwidth and storage usage.

Read the Cloud Billing documentation for general information about billing in Google Cloud.

How durable is my data in Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9’s) annual durability. For more information, see Data availability and durability.

Does Cloud Storage provide any acceleration capabilities for uploads and downloads?

Yes. Cloud Storage allows customers to use a global DNS name for uploads and downloads. Google uses its private network to transfer data to/from the closest POP that the data is being uploaded from or downloaded to. This generally results in significantly higher performance for the transfers than what would be possible over the public Internet. This functionality is included with all Cloud Storage buckets at no additional charge.