Seven-Eleven Japan and CloudAce: A Case Study in Collaborative Innovation (SI2.0)

(From left to right) Mr Takeshi Sato, System Planning Division, Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd; Mr. Izumi Nishimura, Deputy General Manager, Seven-Eleven Japan Co Ltd; Mr Shota Kikuchi, Manager, Cloud Ace Co Ltd, Ms Saori Yamauchi, System Development Department, Cloud Ace Co Ltd


This case study explores the “Seven Central” project, a joint initiative by Seven-Eleven Japan (SEJ) and CloudAce to build a foundational platform for SEJ’s future IT strategy.


Previously, SEJ’s point-of-sale (POS) data resided in various siloed systems, hindering real-time collection and analysis. The Seven Central project aimed to address this challenge by creating a central data platform, emphasizing data universality, real-time access, and uniqueness.


Leveraging CloudAce’s SI2.0 collaborative model and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the project implemented a solution built on two key technologies:

  • BigQuery™: A data warehouse optimized for big data analysis, enabling efficient processing of SEJ’s vast POS data.
  • Cloud Spanner™: A real-time database ideal for handling the high-velocity influx of POS data (e.g., one-minute updates on sales and inventory from all stores).

Key Success Factors

  • Solution designed for data universality, real-time access, and uniqueness.
  • Collaborative approach based on the SI2.0 model.
  • Remote development strategy adapting to the “new normal” work environment.
  • Clear decision-making and project direction from SEJ.
  • Active utilization of communication tools like Slack.


  • Real-time collection and utilization of POS data
  • Faster data-driven decision making
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Cost reduction


The success of the Seven Central project highlights the effectiveness of collaborative approaches like SI2.0 and remote development strategies in the “new normal” business landscape. This project offers valuable insights for Japanese companies seeking to build resilient futures.

Future Outlook

The Seven Central platform serves as the foundation for SEJ’s IT strategy. Moving forward, the platform will be leveraged with AI and machine learning to further expand data utilization and drive SEJ’s business growth.